zondag 28 maart 2010

Over mij - About me

Dit schreef mijn moeder een tijdje terug over mij op haar blog. Het is wel in het Engels.
This wrote my mother about me upon her blog:

As my eldest son Chris (13 years) saw how i changed some old postcards in a Momo Luna drawing, he got inspired. And started to change an old postcard into his own art.
"Mom, will you upload this on your blog?" he asked me. Ofcourse i will, i am a proud mother. I think he is curious about what the reactions will be, but it worries him also a bit.
"Probably there will be no reactions mom, do you like it?"
Yeah i like it a lot, but i love all the stuff my kids create, like all mothers do right? But Chris is talented i think, he's not afraid of expressing himself in a drawing or painting, he has (some) insight, knows what he's doing...... He draws and paints since he was very little. I told him that i'm happy to post his card, but that i also wanna place a photo of him, and some old stuff he did and that i like a lot. He agreed. So that's why i write this little story about him.
When he was younger, Chris liked to do unusual things and then we had to photograph him. So here are some pictures of it:

Chris painted already when he was younger. The paintings you see from left to right are:
* FIRE* He painted this one when he was about 8 yeard old. The second one is called: Woman in windowpane. He was about 10 then. The last painting is untitled and he painted it some weeks ago. He glued some old cloth on the canvas and started to paint. :-)
Click on the images for a larger view.

And here is the card. I was surprised he picked an old card about a Marlene Dietrich movie: The devil is a woman. He changed it into his own art. He asked me to explain that he gave her the tail of a demon but the hat of a clown. He teared up the bottom a bit as if it had been burned by the flames.

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